About Me

I am Kaity Ryan, Owner and Creator at Forest Lore. I am an artist, herbalist and witch that creates unique art finishes on any surface that I can paint on! I want to bring beauty and magic into the world. I also make my own line of all natural herbal products and often forage for herbs, mushrooms and other wild edibles. There were many factors that started me on this journey but the two biggest ones were having a child with medical issues and then, me being diagnosed with different disorders as well. I had to make money in a way that gave me a very flexible schedule to be able to care for my son in the way he needed. So, Forest Lore was born! As this was happening, I started to get sick. We went to endless doctor and specialist appointments and tried tons of different medications. I knew I had to get myself strong enough to take care of my son and my younger daughter. Medications have their place and I take them daily but to heal and regain a somewhat normal life I had to find things that would help restore balance, in my life and in my system. Through nature, herbs, art and stress reduction I found the tools I needed. Teaching other women what I have learned is the most rewarding and soul filling work that I can do. My goal is to paint beautiful things, be in line with nature, live my best, craziest life, travel and connect with other women that may need a little inspiration!